Youth Expeditions

Crossroads Discovery was developed to provide a healthy environment for self-discovery for adolescents through outdoor living skills.  Each individual will have the opportunity to see the animal’s paths, learn the sacredness of life, and be trained in proper Leave No Trace and Low Impact principles.

Take an expedition for 21+ days in a wilderness setting. Our Life Coaches will help you build emotional tools to help you identify and guide your decision-making at the crossroads you identify. Individuals who enter the program will learn how to care for mother earth, navigate the wilderness using historical methods and modern equipment, learn to live in peace with nature and study the earth, plants, and sky.

21+ Day Youth Expedition (Boys)

Spend 21 days in the backcountry with skilled outdoor guides and certified Life Coaches as you find self-awareness and New Discoveries. Take a break from everyday living and establish a plan and obtain new tools to accomplish your next steps in life. Enjoy nature, learn how to apply backcountry living to urban life, and prepare yourself emotionally while navigating life’s toughest crossroads.

6 Day Youth Expedition (Boys)

(June 21-26, 2021)

This experience can be a shorter experience or a refresher if you've completed an expedition already. Use this 6-day experience to build on the discoveries you have already made. Connect with our certified Life Coaches and develop new skills and travel plans to get you through life's crossroads.