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6 Day Youth Expedition

Age: 13-17 Years Old                                        Location: Arizona                                        Duration: 6 Days


During this 21 day expedition, experience the healing that happens when you are in nature. Nature has a way of softening hearts, shows us the areas in our life that need changing, and gives quiet guidance. At Crossroads Discovery, you will be able to safely experience the power of nature by being in a wilderness setting.
Guided by our life coaches, you will have the opportunity to learn outdoor living skills, navigation, Leave No Trace principles, and learn to live in peace with nature. Our Life Coaches work with each individual to tailor the program to their needs to the best of our ability. Life Coaches hold trust circles, allowing individuals a safe place to be vulnerable. These trust circles help individuals to identify the crossroads they are at; vulnerability is a key part of successfully moving through a crossroad. 


This area is currently under construction. Thank you for your patience! For more information on our core curriculum of our programs, please visit our 21 day youth expedition page.


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