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Discovery Days

Teenagers Hiking in Forest

Adolescent Group (Age 13-17)

Adult Group (Age 18+)

  • 2 Discovery Coaches

  • Transportation (From Gilbert, AZ)

  • Hiking

  • Coaching

  • Circle of Trust


Crossroads Discovery invites you to take a day trip with our Coaches and enjoy the healing environment of nature, the positive interaction with others, and coach-led trust circles.  These trust circles help individuals to identify the crossroads they are at; vulnerability is a key part of successfully moving through a crossroad. Discovery Days can include hiking, kayaking, learning primitive skills, etc. 

Taking time in nature allows one to find peace and healing in nature.  Nature has a way of softening hearts, shows us the areas in our life that need changing, and gives quiet guidance. Life Coaches hold trust circles, allowing individuals a safe place to be vulnerable. 


Contact us for customizable groups.


No upcoming events at the moment
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