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If you have an interest in the fields of youth leadership development, recreation management, psychology, social work, family sciences, or education, we invite you to apply here at Crossroads Discovery. The initial training for all new staff will be an in-depth wilderness experience where you will be introduced:

Crossroads Discovery Philosophy

Dangerous Love by Chad Ford

Non-violent Crisis Intervention

Life Coaching

Outdoor Survival Skills

Maps, Radio, GPS, and orienteering

Woodland Path

Field Staff

Field staff work with youth ages 12-17, young adults 18+ who are struggling to set goals and achieve success in their lives. They will also have opportunities to work with family units.

Your primary responsibility is to teach healthy life skills and maintain a safe and caring environment. The field staff work schedule is divided into multiple “rotations” consisting of eight days in the field (remote back-country areas) followed by six days off. Work commitment will be done in the fourth-month segments. 

  • Must be 21 years of age or older

  • High school and/or college diploma/official transcripts and/or certificate of degree -three letters of recommendation

  • Pass a drug screen

  • Pass a fingerprint clearance check.

Previous volunteer work or work with adolescents and young adults is preferred.

Work with us!


The application has been designed to give you the best chance to explain who you are. There are many who apply to be Field Staff and it is important to us that we give you an opportunity to portray your best self.



After your application is received, we will make an initial date to interview you. You will know within the first two weeks after the application closes if you will be interviewed. After the interview our decisions will be communicated before training begins. Those invited to training are not hired until they complete orientation and a training week in the field. Terms of hire will then be discussed in a hiring interview.



Potential field staff must be aware of the costs associated with the application and relocating to Arizona. Those selected to come to training must provide documents that require money to secure; such as a physical, TB test, proof of tetanus shots, state driving records, official transcripts, and an Arizona fingerprint clearance. These costs alone can reach $200 in some situations.


Be prepared to add any relocating and living expenses to the application costs.

Health and Safety

Because of the raw exposure to Arizona weather, extreme physicality of the position, and remote location of our area of operation we must be careful and wise in our selection of Field Staff. They, like our participants, must have their medical histories reviewed and approved by our nursing staff. Those with serious bone or muscle injuries, dependence on some medications, or who do not fall within healthy ranges on the body mass index (BMI) are usually not selected. If you have questions or concerns about your health history or current condition, please call and speak with us before applying.

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