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About Us

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Crossroads Discovery was created to utilize the wilderness and its teachings in an urban setting as well as in the wilderness. The wilderness offers us the opportunity to develop and master skills in self-reliance, accountability, decision-making, responsibility, leadership and communication. The combination of beautiful backcountry trails and experienced wilderness guides allows Crossroads Discovery participants to experience the transformative power of introspection and mindfulness practices in an outdoor setting, away from the distractions of everyday life. 

When Sheldon found himself at a challenging crossroads, he discovered refuge and inspiration in the wilderness, for the wilderness allows us each to find refuge and inspiration in our highest selves. In his words, he explains:

“The idea of Crossroads Discovery came about when we saw a need. Crossroads Discovery fills a need for a program that is designed for an individual that needs an outdoor experience, direction, or motivation to launch forward. Crossroads Discovery programs are designed to promote self-discovery and build tools for emotional health through hiking and camping with backcountry guides and certified Life Coaches.

As I’ve come to crossroads in my own life, I found there were new discoveries to be had. When I found myself needing healing, the wilderness is where I turned. I found that intensive therapy was not what I needed, but loving people close by and time to feel and process my emotions. The wilderness provided a space for new discoveries and self-awareness. It gave a place to cry, to be vulnerable, and a place to let go of feelings, behaviors, and all manner of emotions that were holding me back."

Our Vision

At Crossroads Discovery, our certified Life Coaches take a gentle approach to help clients develop life skills, conflict resolution, and emotional health and wellness. Through in-home behavioral health coaching and outdoor therapeutic interventions, our staff is prepared to provide support to families at life’s hardest moments. We believe there are new discoveries at every crossroads.

Our services consist of in-home behavioral health coaching, customized Family Camps, Wilderness programs, and therapeutic outdoor interventions to provide unique opportunities for individuals and families to develop new tools, self-confidence, and a plan for emotional wellness. We believe nature has an amazing way of healing emotional scars and supporting healthy living.

Crossroads Discovery programs are designed to promote self-discovery and build tools for emotional health through hiking and camping with backcountry guides and certified Life Coaches. Clients will learn how to care for the earth using Leave No Trace principles, navigate through the wilderness, learn to live in peace with nature and study the earth, plants, and sky.  Traverse the animal’s paths, and learn the sacredness of life. 

Our Team

Sheldon Nelson

Sheldon Nelson Life Coach Wilderness First Responder Risk Management Outdoor Industry

Sheldon has worked in the outdoor industry since 2002. He has worked for the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Anasazi Foundation, and co-founded There and Back Outdoor Outfitters. Sheldon is a certified Clinical First Responder, Wilderness First Responder, and Life Coach. He has training in Crisis and Risk Management and FEMA systems. Most of all, Sheldon loves to travel and adventure with his three children.

Gabriela Corbett Mills
Human Resources

Gabriela Corbett Mills wilderness first responder crossroads discovery arizona

Gabriela is an east-coast native who fell in love with the west when she had her first wilderness experience in Arizona back in 2010. Since then, she has worked with youth and young adults at wilderness therapy and adventure programs throughout the western United States. Gabi has a B.A. in Intercultural Peacebuilding and is currently finishing up her M.A. in International Peace and Conflict Resolution.  She is also a certified Empowerment Self Defense instructor who enjoys teaching and empowering youth. 

Stephanie Bunker
Administrative Director

Stephanie Bunker Crossroads Discovery Arizona Risk Management Crossroads Discovery

Stephanie has a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice and has worked in the outdoor industry for the last 9 years, where she most recently held the position of Field Director. She is trained in Crisis and Risk Management and is a certified Wilderness First Responder.  Stephanie is passionate about sharing her love for the outdoors with others and enjoys hiking, kayaking, and traveling internationally.

Jasper Mills
Field Director

Jasper Mills Crossroads Discovery Wilderness First Responder

Jasper has a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a primary emphasis in Intercultural Peacebuilding. He volunteered with the Peace Corps in Morocco, and has held many youth activist roles in various jobs including wilderness therapy programs. Jasper has worked in mentoring positions at Pacific Quest, Anasazi Foundation, Telos RTC, ARCC Programs, and Heritage Schools. Jasper loves surfing and skateboarding, hiking, running, yoga, and making music.

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