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Other Experiences

Crossroads Discovery has facilitated unique and remarkable experiences for young adults and teenagers. In addition to our 21 day expeditions we are pleased to design a variety of customized programs for schools, organizations, clubs, and families who want to have meaningful experiences in a completely natural landscape. Our participants reap the benefits of both: overcoming the challenges and sharing in the deep joys - both of which come from spending time in the backcountry.
Axe in Tree Stump

Discovery Days

Take a day trip with our discovery coaches and enjoy the healing environment of nature and the positive interaction with others through hiking and coach-led trust circles.

Image by Dannii Coughlan

Family Camp

Experience the backcountry with certified mediators and life coaches as a family unit for the ultimate bonding experience. Couples are also encouraged to take advantage of nature’s healing and deepening effect on relationships. Take a week to get away from everyday distractions and enter into a safe environment to focus on nurturing relationships. Participate in team building activities, and workshops centered around relationships and communication. We also facilitate trust circles, wilderness skills training, hiking, and all the adventure that comes with backcountry camping.

Camping in Mountains

Customized Groups




-Corporate Offices

-Religious Youth Groups/ Adult groups

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