Life Coaching

"At every crossroad, there is a discovery to be made."

-Sheldon Nelson,Founder

About Us

Our programs are designed to fill the gap between Wilderness Therapy and Residential Treatment Centers. We are excited to offer programs that aim to promote self-discovery and build tools for emotional health through hiking and camping with backcountry guides and certified Life Coaches. Students will learn to care for the earth, navigate the wilderness, and connect with self and others.

Our Team

Sheldon Nelson

Life Coach

Sheldon has worked in the outdoor industry since 2009. He has spent many of the years working with at-risk youth, and is excited to begin a new endeavor to continue helping youth and families! Sheldon's background includes wilderness guiding, U.S. Forest Service, Incident Commander Training, FEMA Training. Sheldon holds certifications in Clinical First Responder, Wilderness First Responder, Risk Management Training, and Life Coaching.

Shanae Foster

EMT/Wilderness EMT

ShaNae Foster, the woman, the myth, the legend. Crazy about Mother Earth, sourdough bread, homemade cheese, and human connection. ShaNae currently lives in a bell tent on a homestead and spends much of her free time planting trees. She has been a certified EMT since March 2019, and a wilderness EMT since February 2020, using her skills primarily to help kids through their walking in wilderness therapy.

Stephanie Bunker

Human Resources

Stephanie is finishing her degree in Criminal Justice and is passionate about helping others find a love of the outdoors. Stephanie has worked in the outdoor industry for the last 9 years. She recently managed the field operations of a wilderness therapy program. Stephanie holds a Wilderness First Responder Certification and has Risk Management Training.

Jasper Mills

Wilderness First Responder /Certified Life Coach

Jasper has a Bachelors's in Intercultural Peacebuilding and is currently enrolled in an ARCC GAP semester. Jasper volunteered with the Peace Corps in Morocco and is passionate about learning and people. In his wilderness therapy experiences, Jasper is well versed in primitive skills, plant identification, and orienteering. Jasper's hobbies include surfing, skateboarding, hiking, running, yoga, and music writing.